Kayak & Trekking in The National Park

Full Day in The National Park Vincente Perez Rosales
2,5 hours Trekking / Break pic-nic and Swimming / 2,5 hours Kayaking
Departure from Puerto Varas, 8 AM, $ 35,000 pesos


The side from which you can see the mountains of Argentina, lies the oldest national park in Chile. Here, we will see a hidden emerald lake surrounded by a dense forest and crowned with perfect volcano silhouettes. There is only one road to access the park; it is on this road that our adventure will begin.

In the morning the sun is shining down on the eternal snows that cover the tops of the volcanoes. The sun’s rays reflect upon the mineral water of the lake to become a thousand flashes. We have a spot on the beach in Petrohué. From this point the group will separate into two. The kayak team starts to paddle through the fresh water while the second team begins trekking on the slopes of Volcano Osorno on the path called “Sendero Desolación”.

The kayak team will first enjoy the sublime green lake. An endless, ancient blanket of trees scales the vertical walls of the mountains and is reflected upon the water. The trekking team will first enjoy a path, which will alternate between tundra and semi-desert plains, interrupted with cannons forged by ancient lava flows. Traces of the last eruption here in 1869 can still be seen. The eruption terribly scared the slopes of the volcano and made its once symmetrical proportions imperfect and impressive.

Both teams will need three hours to arrive at “paradise”, the name given to the secret beach that is nestled between the lake and the forest. You should probably go for a swim here. The beach is so unspoiled and beautiful that you won’t ever want to return to the city. But life is life and in the afternoon, those who arrived overland will return on the lake. Those who arrived on the lake will return overland. Three hours of pure happiness await you on the green waters with the most beautiful view of the world.

According to the legend the majestic Osorno volcano protects us from the evil spirit Pelipillán.  It is said that he is imprisoned inside Osorno. His terrible fits of anger are said to be responsible for the glorious landscape you now see around you in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park.